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She started with driving a van around to homeless shelters in Calgary. To expand her mobile hair cutting service, Shingoose bought an old school bus and was in the process of replacing the engine and installing four styling stations in it. She recently had to temporarily move the bus to the front of her Deer Ridge home because of renovations being done to the back exterior of the house. But on November 13, and four days into a vacation earlier this month, she found out the bus had been towed to a Calgary Parking Authority impound lot. Shingoose was left with an approximately $900 bill. “I pretty much cried my eyes out for the whole two hour layover,” Shingoose said. “Next time please ring our door bell, we’re pretty nice people,” part of the message read. So she put up a large banner on the front of her home. It was a message to whomever may have complained about the bus being an abandoned vehicle. “Next time please ring our door bell, we’re pretty nice people,” part of the message read. Shingoose also took to social media to round up help from her friends.

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